A breakdown of services is as follows:


  • Direct-to-consumer package fulfillment.  We integrate with web sites and process orders for individual websites.


  • Retail distribution.  We offer the ability to distribute product to retail clients, either in bulk or on an item-by-item basis.  


  • Drop-ship logistics.  We provide clients the ability to consolidate orders from their suppliers and drop-ship them to their customers.  


  • Customized packaging, using all sustainable, recyclable, and “green” materials.


  • Special fulfillment projects. We have the ability to process a high volume of packages in a short period of time for any special and/or promotional projects.


  • Kit assembly fulfillment, in-house service.


  • Logistics consulting. We work together with the Client to find the best logistic solutions for their needs.


  • Advanced inventory control system with the possibility of a multitude of customized reporting tools.


  • Warehouse Storage. We offer overstock storage for Clients.


  • Full warehouse operation set up service. We work with Clients globally to set up their entire operation from scratch anywhere in the world.